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Freedom Dividend Math
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Recognizes Unpaid Work

Recognizes the hard work at home by caretakers of the young, sick or elderly.

Freedom Dividend Math
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Empowers Women

A thousand dollars a month in women’s hands provides economic freedom to leave exploitative jobs and abusive relationships.

Freedom Dividend Math
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Increases Purchasing Power

Designed to increase the purchasing power of 94% of Americans, it frees businesses from worrying about the next driver of consumer spending.

Freedom Dividend Math
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Provides Economic Relief

Economic cushion for a tumultuous wave of job destruction in our current Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Freedom Dividend Math
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Restores Focus On Priorities

Direct economic relief frees us from our daily grind to support bigger issues, such as the environment.

Freedom Dividend Math
Freedom Dividend Math
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Increases Capital Flows

(M)onetary supply hit record highs while (V)elocity of money hit record lows. Permanent cash flow in our hands frees capital, increasing spending and (V).

(M * V = P * Q = GDP | Equation of Exchange)

Freedom Dividend Math
fights-racial-inequality Created with Sketch.

Fights Racial Inequality

Frees minority groups from the confines of racial inequality. A flat payout benefits more heavily those with less income including minority groups who experience a higher internal poverty rate.

Freedom Dividend Math
improves-intelligence Created with Sketch.

Improves Intelligence

Research shows that people under economic stress suffer an average 13-point IQ drop. Less economic stress frees us to make better decisions for ourselves and our families.

Freedom Dividend Math
invigorates-new-business Created with Sketch.

Invigorates Entrepreneurship

Frees us to take a little risk and pursue our entrepreneurial passions or creative endeavors.

Freedom Dividend Math
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Boosts Responsible Consumption

More in our pockets frees us to opt for costlier yet more responsible products, made from environmentally friendly processes, pro-labor practices, local sourcing and healthier ingredients.

Freedom Dividend Math
Freedom Dividend Math
Freedom Dividend Math