Since our overall goal is to empower as many people to create a financially independent lifestyle through investments so we can pave the way for the government to implement UBI, i think its worth talking about how much UBI would actually cost in America.

The US dollar is no longer backed by gold, meaning the federal reserve can print as much of it as they want. There for the concept of a cost is a difficult one to pin down, for instance, last year the government printed 4 billion additional dollars. That means an additional 4 billion dollars is in circulation now compared to last year. This also means your dollar is being devalued consistently year on year. This is another reason why your investments are crucial, they protect you from inflation.

But the bottom line is, UBI does not have a net cost because the government can print money at will, meaning they can afford to fund our UBI plan.

Are they going to do it, unlikely to see it soon.

Thats why we will help by making ourselves financially independent.


Andy Carter