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This is our aim. Hi, I'm Andy Carter and I am here to teach you my concept of using investments to free you from financial ruin by creating your own personal UBI.


I'm Andy Carter

Welcome to Freedom Dividend, this is where you will learn all about dividend income that can change your life for the better. The concept that I want to explore is investing in securities (stocks & shares) with an aim to provide a steady flow of income, enough to sustain you in your life.

My ideas have been compared to UBI or Universal Basic Income, as this is essentially an idea that governments can implement to ensure everyone has a livable wage. Some people are a proponent of funding UBI through stock investments and using dividend payments to distribute to the masses. As interesting as all that is, I am here to explain how you can do it for yourself.

Freedom Dividend CEO

How It Works


I plan to write a series of blog posts that will help you learn how to invest in different assets, enough to provide you with your own personal UBI


Simply work your way through the content on the website, sign up with a recommended broker and start investing today.


Get your financial life in order. Financial education is essential now and is growing more important. Let's create a UBI for ourselves.


Take advantage of compound interest. Let's not wait for the government to create a universal basic income, lets collectively do it ourselves.

Learning how to invest

As always, the first step is to learn the foundational skills, you will first need to get a grasp on the basic concepts of the market. But no problem, we are here to help you.

Simply put, if enough of us create our own residual income it will help pave the way for the government to create it for all.

Imagine we collectively implemented UBI for ourselves?

Imagine enough of us created enough dividend income that we didn't have to worry about economic volatility combined with inflation which is a danger to us all, as it can leave us with very little to live on during retirement.

Why Am I Passionate About This?

Simply put, I think it's incredible to NOT be passionate about this. This can free your life completely. You can get your life back on your own terms through careful investing that creates a personal universal basic income.

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